Dr Carlo Bellini is a consultant, executive coach, and speaker. His expertise lies at the intersection of health, business, and innovation. He works with individuals, teams, and organisations who seek high performance, assisting them to achieve outstanding outcomes. 

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"Carlo has a unique ability to inspire folks to think beyond the immediate tactical realities of their job -  to imagine something completely different from what they do now - and then to convince them that they have the ability to create this new world." 

Dr Neil Soderlund, Senior Health Advisor the Boston Consulting Group and Founder Health Outcomes Australia


"Carlo is one of the most talented younger cadre of executives I have met. He has excelled in roles in health, business, and academia with his determination, intellect, and judgment. His unique and erudite perspective helps generate innovative solutions to complex and cross functional problems. Carlo has innate presence, and combined with genuine interpersonal skills and natural team leadership, he delivers results. I recommend him unreservedly."

Mark Barnaba, Board Member Reserve Bank of Australia and Vice-Chair Fortescue Metals Group


"Carlo is a dynamic and transformational contributor.  With an inquiring and voracious mind, Carlo has helped us reshape our strategy and approach. His incisive questions, his commitment to excellence and evidence of what we do has been invaluable. Carlo has a rare blend of charm and ingenuity and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.”  

Sheila McHale, CEO, Palmerston Association


"Dr Bellini is a warm and charismatic leader who doesn’t shy away from a good challenge.  Carlo is very approachable and well respected by his team.  He has many strengths but I consider strategic thinking to be his forte.  He remains cool under pressure and instills confidence in those around him.  A great example of a physician executive."

Dr Scott Levy, Asia-Pacific Medical Manager, Chevron